Woods and Willow is a shop highlighting the beauty of nature. My creations are all handmade from real leaves and other nature elements.

Woods and Willow…..every branch tells a story. What’s your story?

My story starts with my love for leaves! I love the rich texture of leaves, but no one really notices them because the flowers they cushioned and protected, take center stage once they bloom. It's time to bring the beauty and details of leaves into the forefront!

I named my shop with symbolic meanings in my life. “Woods” is a derivative of my father’s name. He loved nature and worked outdoors until he was 89 years old. He was always tanned and fit and taught me how to appreciate all that nature had to offer. I love walking in the woods and smelling the scent of pine needles and how they cushion your feet as you walk. Notice how the sunlight softly filters through the canopy of leaves overhead and the smell of the earth after the rain.

My mother was a very talented seamstress and in today’s standards, she would be an accomplished designer. She made all of our clothes and was so focused on every detail. She was very tactile and taught me how to design and how to envision the finished product even before you begin. My parents’ skills are artfully blended in my passion for designing and making my jewelry.

What they both instilled in me is the importance of how the deepest love and support come from within the family. That’s their greatest gift to me and that’s the “Willow” part of my name. Willow is the family tree. I love the graceful sway of the long, finger-tip leaves as they skim the water and sway gracefully in the breeze.

Their roots are remarkable for their toughness and tenacity to life. The tree symbolizes deep emotions, intuition and dreaming. The willow has vast underlying energy and is considered a powerful spirit. The symbols of the Willow Tree personify qualities we all strive for in life.
My pieces are made from precious metal clay, which is fine silver when the piece is completed. Fine silver clay is .999% pure silver, which is more valuable than sterling silver, which is .925%. They are all handmade with much attention to detail and represent nature at its finest. I think nature’s way of creating leaves that are imperfect are actually nature’s moment of perfection! And just like us, no two leaves are ever the same.

I hope my jewelry inspires you and transcends the nature-loving and design skills my parents instilled in me, which is my passion. Woods and Willow…..every branch tells a story. What’s yours?

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